The Valle Siciliana: between villages and abbeys at the foot of the northern slope of the Gran Sasso
The Valle Siciliana
The name derives from the ancient Via Caecilia, which connected Rome with the Adriatic.

We are in the center of the Teramo side of the Gran Sasso. The landscape ranges from large hills dotted with farms, woods and orchards to the endless beech woods that cover the steep sides of the mountains from where the waters of streams and rivers precipitate. Higher up, the vertical dolomite rock buttresses of the eastern range, from Corno Grande to Monte Camicia. An environment full of contrasts, whose appearance is continuously transformed season by season.

There are many places to visit during your stay at the B&B Scacciapensieri.
Tossicia is the small capital of this ancient domain.
Castelli is one of the historic capitals of ceramic art, which has ancient and solid roots here.
Pietracamela is a small medieval village surrounded by nature, perched on the slopes of Corno Piccolo.
The Romanesque basilicas of the Valle del Mavone are very beautiful, from Santa Maria di Ronzano to San Giovanni ad Insulam.
The whole valley is to be considered a great deposit of cultures, traditions, crafts and gastronomic excellence.
The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park: a kaleidoscope of landscapes
Roads of the Gran Sasso
One of the most memorable experiences is given by simply drive among the innumerable landscapes that our Region offers, 12 months a year.

In Spring, some roads are still closed due to snow, but it is possible to spend long days on the L’Aquila side, where the magnificent villages of Campo Imperatore offer unmissable views. Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Rocca Calascio and Castel del Monte make up the classic circuit with secondary paths and routes.

In Summer, all roads are open and it is possible to make the large ring around the Gran Sasso. Passing through Castelli, Vado di Sole, Fonte Vetica, Campo Imperatore, the Valle del Vasto, the Passo delle Capannelle, the
Lake of Campotosto and the Vomano Valley, you follow a road with an incomparable variety of landscapes.

In Autumn, all the endless beech woods are colored progressively by the foliage: we recommend the experience of crossing them to enjoy this extraordinary show of Nature. In the area of ​​Pietracamela and Prati di Tivo, and along the Valle del Vomano, up to Lake of Campotosto, as well as throughout the Teramo side of the Monti della Laga, you will be surrounded by every shade of yellow, orange and red.

In Winter, in our region, snow is always present already from medium altitudes. It is the season in which the mountain must be admired from a respectful distance, the best time to travel the roads that wind through the valleys at the foot of the great mountain, visiting Castelli, Isola del Gran Sasso, Colledara, Tossicia and Montorio al Vomano.

In every season, waiting for you on your return will be the quiet and relaxation of our B&B, on the terrace, in the garden or in front of the lit fireplace, depending on the weather conditions.
The Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park: a few suggestions
Recommended trails
A selection of 10 beautiful paths, sorted by increasing degree of difficulty.

Easy hiking trails
1. The Gran Sasso and the endless spring blooms
When the accesses to the large plateau reopen, simply enjoy the thousand colors of the blooms, walking in the prairies. Let’s know and respect Nature! Even more so in a National Park.
2. Canyon dello Scoppaturo
A mid-lenght walk along landscapes that will transport you to other times and places, like in a western movie. Path accessible to all.
3. Among the villages of Campo Imperatore
Along the sheep tracks and pastures of the L’Aquila side of the Gran Sasso, between medieval villages (Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Rocca Calascio and Castel del Monte) and a myriad of valleys that hide small lakes like precious gems.
4. LArapietra
One of the most panoramic terraces of the Apennines. Starting from Prati di Tivo (1450m), you quickly leave the beech forest and across wide pastures you reach the Albergo Diruto and the so-called Madonnina (2015m), from where the most difficult paths and climbing routes on this side start. Constantly under the looming presence of the Due Corni, the view extends from a large part of the central Apennines to the Adriatic coast.
5. Il Fondo della Salsa
Short route that from the Castelli area, through the beech forest, reaches the base of the largest vertical wall of the Apennines (and one of the largest in Europe), the famous North Face of Monte Camicia. Until May, there is an astounding snowfield dominated by high waterfalls.
6. The Duca degli Abruzzi Refuge
Only when conditions permit (between June and October), the ascent along the easy path that connects the Ostello Campo Imperatore (2115m, always open reachable by cable car) to the Duca degli Abruzzi refuge (2388m, open only in summer) it is a must-do experience. It requires good shape, a minimal familiarity with high mountains terrain and suitable clothing.
7. Vado di Corno e Monte Brancastello
The ancient pass of Transhumance. Easy path that leads to Vado di Corno, with an unexpected view of the Adriatic Sea and the amazing wall of Corno Grande. It is from here that the Sentiero del Centario begins, which can be easily followed along the edge of the ridge up to Monte Brancastello.
8. Valley of Chiarino
One of the longest and deepest valleys of the Gran Sasso. Starting from Lake Provvidenza, in the upper Vomano valley, you enter the beech forest and reach the pastures of the Fioretti Refuge (1500m, open on request). The valley continues, squeezed between Monte Corvo and the Cima delle Malecoste until it reaches the heart of the massif. Very solitary and magnificent in early summer.
9. Rio Arno Waterfall
Beautiful path, perfect to follow in the summer, which from Pietracamela enters the beech forest going up the Rio Arno Valley, until you reach the waterfall, which slightly precedes the springs. We are in the wild nature of Val Maone, between the Due Corni and Pizzo Intermesoli.
10. The Fosso dell’Acero
Long, magnificent path in the Monti della Laga, also known as the Cento Fonti (Hundreds Springs), to be followed when the terrain is dry and avoiding late spring. Leaving from Cesacastina and going up the valley, you go up in the direction of Monte Gorzano along the stream that forms jumps, waterfalls and natural pools. Unique views of the Gran Sasso chain.

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